Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trying to remain positive

Seriously, got told at work a couple of weeks ago that I should write a book about the trials, tribulations and chaos that seems to continue to be our lives!!!!! (I suggested this to our lovely GP and he thought it a good idea, although he did ask that I change his name hahahahahaha)
I am beginning to think that now or in a former life I (we) really annoyed someone and it continues to come back and kick us in the pants.
We found out on facebook a couple of weeks ago that our oldest daughter has gotten married, Really we honestly found out on facebook.   To say that Mr and I are devastated is an understatement, I am passed angry now and am just hurt and saddened that we didn't even get told to our faces.  His parents got told, his family got told, his work colleagues got told, We didn't (My parents, daughters Grandparents still do not know).
As you can imagine I had a momentary lapse in proceedings!!!! And now we are barely getting spoken to until we can be rational about the situation.
I know, I know this could be a whole lot worse but for the moment, it kind of feels the worst

Saturday, October 8, 2016


So I have been a registered nurse for 8 1/2 years, I am earning more now than I ever have in my life.
Why then do I feel like there is no money?
I have patched clothes, taken lads trousers down again after putting them up when they were shorter, I am first in if there is something free that could help us at home.
Where does it even go?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


So we have been watching the series on TV One, Hillary about Sir Edmund Hillary.
Did you know he was still living at home at the age of 31?
Asked Master who has just turned 15 if he would still be living at home when he was 31?  His response.....................No I will be 50 OMG

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lost momentum

Sorry , the last few months have been hectic/ chaotic/ emotional
Well all of the above really.
We lost a bit of momentum as once again the chaos of the Mason Tribe took over.
We had our wee girl living with us for a while, and then she went back to her Mum.
Big lad has had some troubles, which he won't talk to us about but we know he is struggling (Man teenage years are the worst)
Mr has not been well, 4 lots of antibiotics, 2 lots of steroids and close to been admitted to hospital again (thank goodness I am a nurse otherwise he would have according to our GP)

So glad I forward planned a week of annual leave.  Was perfect timing to regroup.
I have spent this week with our lads, not doing much ( a lot of sleeping), a roadie to Wellington to the exhibitions at The War Memorial and Te Papa about the ANZAC's and WWI.  Sobering and eye opening for all of us.
Spent time with Miss 21 so fabulous she is now in a job she love love loves, her hard work has paid off (and she shouted us dinner at her new place of employment and it was delicious).
Caught up with a cousin this week, haven't seen him since I was pregnant with Miss 21, time just belts on past.  I also got to meet his lovely daughters, lets hope it isn't another 21 years before the next catchup.

So back to work on Monday.  Hopefully we will be making the big move soon into our custom built building, has been a long time coming.
Hopefully when this happens a lot of the work stress will go.  It has been a long 2 1/2 years since our merge.

Anyway I will leave you with some lovely faces

See ya Love ya Bye

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cooking Snob

So last year a lovely friend of mine introduced me to the lovely Chelsea Winter Winner of Master Chef NZ 2012.
Chelsea is Amazing, so down to earth lovely to talk to in person and on facebook and has delicious recipes.
I have met her a couple of times now, at The Food Show last year in Wellington

And then at her book signing at The Warehouse in Feilding last year also

So been such a fangurl who wouldn't jump at the chance to attend this Mothers Day Dinner cooked by Chelsea  Chef Daughter Jannine is coming too, and Samantha contributed to my ticket purchase as my Birthday/ Mothers Day Pressie

Watch this space for photos

See ya Love ya Bye

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Paying it off

So in the journey to leaving home!!!!  We need to pay off debt.
This year is a slow one with only one long term debt getting paid off this year (and that has already happened)
Next year my student loan will be paid off Whoop Whoop
2018 Our car will be paid off,  the car we financed the oldest chillun into will be paid off.  The personal loan we took for goodness knows what (because we can't remember) and the loan from the bank that paid off the credit card will be paid off wahooooooooooooooooo
Then all that will be left will be the Mortgage and then some serious saving will begin.

The goal is to buy a motor home, we have a list of wants and not wants for our home with a motor and we can't wait to get saving

Anyway, that is all for now
See ya Love ya Bye

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lets get outta here

So 2007 was the year of Mason Mumblings.
I (We) blogged and faffed on about family, friends and the world at large.
9 years on I have decided to start afresh, will probably still faff on about family, friends and the world at large but with a different perspective.
Two mini Mason's have left the nest, one of those mini Mason's has a mini of her own.
The lads are still at home.  One studying and one at high school.
We are close to the empty nest
Plan's are afoot

Not sure where this blog will take us but watch this space I guess!!!!

So for now I will leave you with some lovely faces

See ya, Love ya, Bye